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Adult Sunday School

Moral Choices Topics to be Discussed:

1 - Introduction: Why Morality Matters

2 - How to Think About Morality

3 - Christian Ethics

4 - Making Ethical Decisions

5 - Ethics at the Beginning of Life - I

6 - Ethics at the Beginning of Life - II

7 - Biotechnology, Genetics, and Human Cloning

8 - Ethical Issues at the End of Life

9 - Capital Punishment

10 - War, Violence, and Morality

11 - Sexual Ethics

12 - Creation Care and Environmental Ethics

13 - Ethics and Economics

14 - Violence and Gun Control

15 - Race, Gender, and Diversity

16 - Immigration, Refugees, and Border Control


Kids Sunday School

Our children's Sunday School will also starts at 9 am. This is for children in preschool all the way up to 6th graders. All are invited to take part in having fun while hearing God's Word.

Men's and Women's Bible Studies

Women's Bible Study meets 10 am on Tuesdays.

All women welcome to join us!

Men's Bible Study meets 10 am on Fridays.

All men welcome to join us!

Confirmation instruction will begin again in the Fall. If you are interested in Confirmation instruction for your child in 7th-8th grade, please contact Pastor Ty.